The Top Reasons You Need Oil for Your Lips

It is no secret in the beauty world that you need to take care in selecting the products you are using on your face, body, and hair. Oils are a common choice to keep your skin and hair hydrated. However, what many people don’t realise is that it also matters what products you are using on your lips. Your lips don’t have the glands that the rest of your skin does to produce oil to stay moist, which means that if you want to avoid having dry cracked lips, you need to ensure that you are choosing products that are going to moisturise your lips and not dry them out.

What Is Lip Oil

Just like it sounds, lip oil is a specially-formulated oil for your lips to help condition them. Lip oils tend to be made of natural oils including jojoba, hazelnut, and argon oils that contribute to nourishing and softening the lips while leaving a silky sheen that is neither greasy or sticky.

Lipsticks and Stains

You might be thinking that lip oils are the same as lipsticks and stains except that they are shiny, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Lipsticks tend to feel dry and leave your lips dry and chapped after a day of wear, and they tend to wear off after three or four hours. Lip stains are a good choice if you want your lip colour to last eight to twelve hours, although you need to ensure a perfect application since once it’s on and dry, you cannot remove it. Lip stains are also known to be very drying for your lips which can leave them dry and chapped.

Buying Lip Oils

While you can find some lip oils in stores, there are advantages to looking online. When you shop lip oil online, you can see what other people have thought of a brand of lip oil, which you can’t do while you are in the store. This is advantageous with a new product like lip oils because you don’t want to buy a product that left other customers unsatisfied. Another consideration to make when you are buying your lip oils is that you are getting them from a reputable vendor who is known for making cosmetic products with high-quality ingredients.

Types of Lip Oils

The lip oil that you decide to use on your lips is going to come down to your personal preferences. There are variants in colour and among the applicator sticks. The colours of lip oils range from clear to deep reds and purples. While the colours aren’t going to remain on your lips for more than a few hours, reapplying doesn’t take more than a few seconds. The applicators on the lip oils are going to vary by the brand you choose. The best applicators are going to be a soft sponge tip that allows for the careful coating of the lips, although you are also going to find plastic applicators and roll-on options.